MLC is an international project with representatives all over the world
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Legal details

Our project has a group of companies in several jurisdictions to organise its activities: Saint Lucia, Cyprus, Britain, Russia.

The MLC.Health website is maintained by: MLCE Limited

Registered office address:

Rodney Bayside Building, Rodney Вау, Gros-lslet, Saint Lucia. №2021-00038

Contacting via social media

We run social media accounts where you can ask questions in your language. Subscribe to our social media and chats and keep up to date with all events in the project

Communication with the media

You can send requests for interviews and information about the project to the e-mail address [email protected]

To use content from this website, you need permission granted upon request sent to the email address provided.

Contacting through representative offices

We are constantly expanding our project's countries of presence. You may have an operating representative office in your country now.

We use an online technical support chat to get in touch with the nearest representative office promptly.

Contact the online chat and get the contacts of your nearest representative office.

Contacting governmental entities

For detailed legal information, sending requests, notifications, demands or other official documents from governmental agencies of any level, please contact us by e-mail: [email protected] and [email protected]

Information submitted through other sources is not an official request.

Contacting technical support

If you have any technical questions about the website, please contact us via our online chat. Our experts are ready to help you with any questions that may arise.

Contact for openings and opportunities to join

We are constantly expanding our team and building business connections around the world.

  • If you are a professional in the field of promotion and marketing, know how to work with international contacts and have experience in building a business, there are always offers open to you.

    Contact us via our online support chat and we will offer you cooperation options.

  • If you are a specialist in microelectronics or physicochemical development, we welcome you to our company.

    Send your requests to the email address: [email protected]

What countries does the project work with?

The project works with all countries in brand promotion and advertising, but has limitations for working with investments in some countries.

Any citizen, unless the legislation in their country directly prohibits it, can become a partner and promote in open countries.

Only a citizen of a country that is available for investment can become an investor.

The information is subject to change, please check with technical support for country-specific information.

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